Adinkra Bese Saka AfléOne Bracelet - Abundance


The AfléOne bracelet celebrates culture, inclusion and love.

Inspired by the Akan culture, the AfléOne cubic beads represent Adinkra symbols and have an ancestral meaning. The powerful messages of the Adinkra symbols transcend cultural boundaries and resonate with everyone, irrespective of their country of origin or heritage.

The AfléOne beads can be combined to create a personal message for you or for your loved ones.

The AfléOne bracelet is the perfect gift for both men and women.

Download the Adinkra App by Aflé Bijoux and discover more Adinkra symbols.


Symbol: Bese Saka

Meanings: Power, Abundance

 Small: 15–17 cm / 5.9–6.7" wrist circumference
Large: 17–19 cm/ 6.9–7.5" wrist circumference

Type: 750/1000 (18k) gold over sterling silver
Facet cut triple-A CZ bead stoppers
Bead size: 9 mm

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