Adinkra Dwennimmen AfléOne Bead - Humility


Dwennimmen means “Ram’s horns” and the symbol refers to humility. The ram is strong but does not show its strength unless it is absolutely necessary. One should be humble when he/she is aware of his/her power. This symbol represents humility, and strength of mind, body and soul.

The Adinkra beads are made of 18k gold over sterling silver. 

Each bead has a different meaning. They can be mixed and matched to create a unique message for yourself or for your loved ones.

Get the Adinkra by Aflé Bijoux app and discover more Adinkra symbols! Available for iOS and Android.

Bracelet sold separately.

Collection: AfléOne

Type: 18k gold over sterling silver/enamel

Style: Bead

Size: 9 mm/0.35”

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