Adinkra AfléOne Bangle Bracelet


Adinkra AfléOne Bangle Bracelet

The AfléOne Bangle Bracelet is a typical, traditional African bracelet that can be found in almost all African cultures, including the Akan. It is made of 750/1000 gold over sterling silver (18k) and is very light and comfortable to wear.

The AfléOne Bangle Bracelet can be easily opened – simply push the end ball upward to unclick it. Only one ball can be unclicked to secure the beads.

The bracelet is sold with two stoppers made of 18k gold and white facet-cut AAA cubic zirconia (CZ) to ensure the stability of the AfléOne Beads on the bracelet.

The AfléOne Beads are made of 750/1000 gold over sterling silver and enamel.

Each bead represents an Adinkra symbol that has its own specific meaning. They can also be combined to create a personal message that expresses your feelings or your individuality. 

The AfléOne Beads are sold separately. 

Collection: AfléOne

Type: 18k gold over sterling silver 

Style: Bangle Bracelet

Size: Small: up to 17 cm/6.7”

        Large: up to 19 cm/7.5”


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