Aflé Bijoux Akan Cowrie Shells Earrings - Large


From the ‘Jeu de cauris’ collection.

Cowrie shells are a spiritual component of most West African countries. The ancestors used them to read the future or to contact the spirits. This practice is still observed today and is known as ‘le jeu de cauris’ (cowrie shells game). The player, who must first be initiated, throws the cowrie shells onto a flat surface. The way they fall on the flat surface has meaning, and the player ‘reads’ the message of the cowrie shells.

Cowrie shells were also used as money in ancient African societies.

The Akan Cowrie Shell Earrings are made of 23k gold-plated Akan goldweights and large, natural cowrie shells.

Length: 5. 5 cm / 3.19"

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